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#ThoughtfulThursday - Tips to Prevail Over Life’s Disappointing Experiences

by J. Francis Black

Most of us have gone through at least one deeply disappointing experience, such as going through a breakup or divorce, losing a much needed job; hearing bad news, having a much anticipated opportunity slip through our fingers, realizing we've accepted an opportunity that wasn't in our best interest, or feeling unsupported by friends and family for a decision we've made.  As we go through these experiences it could feel as if we've entered into a tunnel without a light at the end, or like a magic carpet has been pulled out from under us mid-flight.  We might go through a spectrum of emotions, such as anger, anxiety, denial, frustration, hurt, fear and grief that make us wonder “when will my life change for the better,” or “when will I start to feel like myself again?”  When the tumult of emotions subside, we may discover that we had a magical parachute to protect our fall or a bright light at the end of the darkened passage, yet find ourselves wondering where we will land or who we will be on the other side.  Below are lessons on how to continue moving forward in the wake of a deeply disappointing experience.

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#WeRecommend - Sweet Mango Cafe

sweet mango iconThere are hundreds of reasons to never be bored (or hungry) in Washington, DC. Our city is a mixing bowl for cultured food, ethnic vibrations, music festivals, parades, and much more. If you are a foodie like me, then you appreciate hunting around greater Washington for “worth it” meals. Longhorn, Cheddars, and Olive Garden are all great, but sometimes, I want to taste oxtails that have been boiling in an oversized pot all day with thickened potatoes, and warm fluffy bread. I want to taste food from a country at the top of my vacation list. Cultured food; well thought out and precisely seasoned, cooked with love and lots of peppers.

Where is this food I’m speaking of you might ask? Sweet Mango Café located in the heart of DC just off of Georgia Avenue. This small café offers arguably the best oxtail and saltfish I’ve ever tasted. Unlike Tropicana, Sweet Mango’s food tastes genuine and true to its roots and culture. Thick accents accompany your plate of warm food. You truly feel like you are in the islands. The ambiance of the place settles in as you savor that first bite. If you’re craving authentic Jamaican or something close to it, We Recommend! you swing by Sweet Mango. The only disappointment you’ll have is when your food is all gone. 

Photo Showcase - Style Ain't A Problem


august 10 photoset4august 10 photoset3August 10 photoset2August photoset

On any given summer Sunday the dynamic in Malcolm X/Meridian Hill Park is always eclectic; drummers, yoga enthusiasts, Frisbee players, readers, bikers… You never know what or who you’ll see; until you get there. Except style. Style ain’t a problem in DC and it’s always on display in the places we chill. Check out today’s photoset and drop by next Sunday wearing something that best represents your #EverydayStyle.


#TheDownLoad v6

image for downloading  


Ras Nebyu – Ras Griffin III

Che Merk – Wild Life

Montana Cortez – Unorthodox 2

Aktual – The Resume - Chapter 2

Jus Paul – Jus Paul

J. Bizz – Back 2 BizzNess




Artist Spotlight: Good Girl

picture of girl group Good GirlWith recent appearances performing at the Highline Ballroom with Syleena Johnson and Friends, BET Music Matters at SOB’s and the Questlove Stage at Philly Jam On The ParkWay the sensational new group Good Girl probably doesn’t need an introduction. But for anyone who’s missed one of the most buzzed about groups on the music scene, this is your heads-up that Good Girl, with members Megan, Arielle, Morgan ( JL) and Courtney (Bobbie), are about to add on to their meteoric success with the release of their debut EP, 90's Kinda Love. The title is fitting since the group works in the solid tradition of the great 90’s groups like SWV, En Vogue, TLC, and Destinys Child. You’ll be impressed with their individual talent and vocal chemistry and doubly impressed, once you’ve seen them, with their dynamic stage performance. Check out the hot new single “Need It” on SoundCloud and keep an eye on their YouTube channel for new video releases. Contact them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or through media relations group I’MPossible LLC.


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