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#WeRecommend - Edges Barbershop!

Life is full of disappointments, some large and others small. One thing most men will tell you they definitely don’t want on their list of letdowns is a bad haircut. That small weekly, or bi-weekly, ritual is so personal and tied to our self-image that many of us will travel to the other side of town just to get the right look. Fortunately if you live in DC you can just shoot down to 14th and U for the most satisfying shave and a haircut in the metropolitan area. Edges Barbershop at 1352 U Street NW is at the top of our list for getting that look that’s sure to enhance your #EverydayStyle!

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#ThoughtfulThursday - We Fight The Same Battles

by Khari Gzifa

You ever find yourself wondering why we fight the same battles over and over. Police brutality, discrimination, unemployment; I mean these arguments are as valid today as they were 100 years ago! With all of the attention seemingly paid to these issues over the years, certainly some progress would have been made, right? The evidence clearly answers, no.  My theory is this; we don’t put our energy in the RIGHT direction. If we put as much energy into solving our issues as we put into all of these completely trivial issues maybe we could really see some change.

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OnStage with Jenee Bevett

In the first of a series of interviews with entertainment personalities OnStage partner and music writer Khari Gzifa sat down with Jenee Bevett to discuss her career, musical influences and new projects. One of the DC area’s most interesting and dynamic performers, Jenee is a much respected artist for her musical versatility, dedication to her craft, and wide ranging connections. Her years in the business have helped her forge keen insights, a level headed approach to staying in the game and a terrific definition of what success as an artist really means.

#TheDownLoad v8

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Sophomore Slump – Nooch

Black Rock Star Super Hero Music – Head Roc

2Sides2AStory – Lyquin

Nothing Personal Just Business – Ace Uno

Y Play Wit It – Mike Brown Da Czar

Happy Belated – Chaz French

47 - Cooley

Artist Spotlight - Cooley

artist pic - CooleyWhen he reviewed Fly Rebel Society’s summer treat “reFrsh” a couple months ago Khari Gzifa called collective member Cooley a talented and conscientious emcee and noted that he was an above average rhymer. That’s high praise coming from someone with an encyclopedic knowledge of Hip Hop and raises the bar pretty high for Cooley’s debut solo project “47” which drops September 27th. After listening to the first single “Crazy” several times Khari credited Cooley with being deft with turning phrases while staying true to the track narrative. “Crazy” is a 2Pac inspired track featuring sound bites from his infamous character, Bishop from the movie "Juice".  Even though it’s distinctly better than most releases coming out of our area we get the feeling that Cooley is just jogging through his verbal repertoire with it and saving the all-out fire for what comes later. We’ll see. Looking forward to hearing the entire “47” project and we recommend you catch it too. Follow Cooley on: Twitter & Instagram

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